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The Story of Chanderi

Chanderi is a vibrant town in a picturesque setting dotted with historical monuments that testify to its eventful medieval history and traditions. With its strategic location the town dominated the trade routes of Central India and became a strategic military outpost prized by ambitious rulers throughout the centuries.

Chanderi offers a window into a place that is deeply connected to its social, cultural, and natural environment. Hand-loom weaving is the primary occupation of the town’s residents. 3,500 families – around sixty per cent of the town’s population -make their living from the looms.

Built in the 17th century, the Raja & Rani Mahal Complex is located at the core of the town and is one of the important landmarks of Chanderi. INTACH has restored this historic structure as a pilot project for encouraging adaptive reuse of heritage buildings in the town. The complex is now being used by self help groups of weavers. The facility is used for training and design interventions, for financial and social development of the weavers.

The story of Chanderi is a fable of the exquisite fabric interwoven with its history, culture and architectural gems.

As I share my third documentary “The stories of Chanderi” with all of you, I’d like to thank the entire crew without whom this would remain as a figment of my imagination.

Here’s to experiencing Chanderi in a never-seen-before light. Cheers!


Cinematography, Direction: Subinoy Das
Screenplay & Editing: Subinoy Das & Anshu Ahuja
Art: Darshan Singh
Title Lettering: Sutirtha De
Background Score: Pete Lockett
Foley: Subinoy Das
Voice Over: Bhaveen Gossain
Recording: Studio Sound Planet
Equipment: DSLR camera on rent, New Delhi
Produced by: INTACH, New Delhi, India.
Intach Team: Bindu Manchanda, Anil Browne, Anshu Ahuja, Meenu Sharma & Pitamber.S.Rawat


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Signature Series-behind the scenes

This is how I made my ” Signature Series” which is closed to my heart.
Final Output:

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The Instrument

Always wanted to create something relevant, something inspiring. And after days of relentless effort, finally could bring together pieces of the puzzle to present the big picture. Absolutely excited to share this 90 sec film “The Instrument” with all of you.

A campaign shoot for “Cipriano Music”, Mumbai.

Life.. is a beautiful creation. There is pain and then.. there is joy. There is darkness and ..there is light. There is loss and.. there is love. These, and many more such elements make this creation unique.
And to create you need an instrument.
It is the desire to achieve the impossible that enables us to go beyond and seek the unknown. It is the complexity of the instrument that simplifies the creation.
Our days are numbered but not our time. Our breaths can be counted but not what we do with them.
Music is infinite.
I chose to be an instrument of music.
I’m Auddie D’souza and I make guitars.

Feat. Auddie D’souza, Cipriano Music ( Mumbai )
Music: ‘Better Days’
Artwork: Mulham
Location Courtesy: Cipriano Music Workshop, Mumbai, India.
Story & Direction: Samiul Haque & Subinoy Das
Production: ‘Yellow Butterfly Films’ in association with CHHOBIGHAR®.


|| Confluence ||

Love, the very essence of life, makes us do things beyond our understanding.

We present to you, ’Confluence’ – Two beautiful souls – Lidia & Joseph never understood how love made two different worlds merge into one. They just listened to their hearts and spoke the language of love..Documenting this beautiful journey of love was a great experience. Last October, Lidia (Polish by birth) & Joseph (Indian by birth), based out of UK, approached us to document their wedding planned at Kochi (India). Their journey with each other, spanning over a period of ~ 7 years (since 2009), was interesting enough to draw our attention.As we took more bites into their relationship, we got inspired by their sheer respect and love for each other and we said YES!

Joseph’s way of exploring the simple with a passion unlike anyone Lidia has ever known made her heart skip a beat. As a shy and simple girl with dreams untold, she wished for a Bollywood love-story for herself. And YES! it came true. Since the very first time Joseph talked to her, he has been her hero and has never left her side.

Lidia, emotional and caring, made Joseph understand himself better. And he could only see life with his beloved Lidia – a life of togetherness filled with love, a life where he can laugh,cry and just be himself.

Love in it’s little ways doesn’t change you but changes the world you know.

Rising temperatures, super-high levels of humidity (Kochi, April’2016), insufficient sleep and last-minute surprises were no match for our sky-high spirits and the love showered upon us by their friends and family. With a yearning to create memories that Lidia & Joseph can always connect with, we ventured into their event and we are glad that we could achieve something very special.

Lidia, Joseph and families & friends – We cannot thank you enough for making us feel at home and we hope this motion picture will remain an integral part of your life for many more years to come 🙂

DOP, Edit & Direction: Subinoy Das
Technical Aspect:
Canon 5D III, handheld
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere

© | 2016. All rights reserved.


Set Stories in Stone

Stories Set In Stone- Jaisalmer


A documentary film to describe  the richness of its stone carvings and ornamentation of the Golden City Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

In an effort to promote this craft, INTACH Delhi, organised a design development workshop with the artisans and made a documentary film.I hope you surely enjoy the whole film.

DOP, Direction: Subinoy Das
Screenplay & Editing: Subinoy Das & Anshu Ahuja
Stills: George Gupta & Subinoy Das
Second Camera: Akhil Gupta
Background Score: Hari Ram Bhopa, Various
Sound: Darshan Singh
Voice Over: Punita Bakshi
Intach Team: Bindu Manchanda, Anil Browne, Anshu Ahuja, Meenu Sharma, Pitamber.S.Rawat
Produced by: INTACH, New Delhi, India.

©INTACH, 2016 | All rights reserved

Black Pottery of Nizamabad

Black Pottery of Nizamabad

[Winner of Director Special Award for documentary film in Heritage Film festival of India ,2015]

Nizamabad is a small town in Azamgarh District situated about 100 km (62 miles) north of Varanasi on the banks of river Tamsa, which feeds several lakes on the outskirts of the town.

The pottery of Nizamabad is characterised by its smooth lustrous black finish with sparkling motifs of silver grey etchings which resembles Bidriware of Karnataka. The black finish is due to application of clay slip, polishing and reduction firing.There are about 35 families still living in the town which is gradually diminishing.

In an effort to promote this craft, INTACH Delhi, organised a design development workshop with the artisans and made a documentary film.I hope you enjoy and we are happy for your honest feedback.

Screenplay, Cinematography & Direction : Subinoy Das
Art Direction: Darshan Singh
Editing: Subinoy Das & Akhil Gupta
Voice Over: Bhaveen Gossain
Produced by: INTACH, New Delhi, India.
Intach Team: Bindu Manchanda, Anil Browne, Anshu Ahuja, Meenu Sharma, Pitamber.S.Rawat

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