The most satisfying thing about carrying out mobile photography for Instagram feeds is that it feeds your soul. Satiating yourself doesn’t need high-end heavy gears, it’s just you and your mobile phone! Shoot more, learn more – that’s how it works.

Mobile photography makes you a true photographer by teaching you the basic grammar, lights and subject positions. A wee bit suggestion, instead of pinching the screen to zoom, use your feet instead, yeah ‘Dolly Feet’. Candid moments captured are the prettiest. Be a mobile clicker, without fear in your mind but with vision in your eyes. Let those vacant streets, enigmatic strangers and never-ending lines teach you the chapter of surrealism.

Nope! There is no ‘Magic App’ in the play store or app store to visualize your composition for you. Herein, what you see is what you get.

Don’t let the pool of apps perplex you. #Snapseed is what I have been using for quite some time now, and I get to discover its beauty every day. Wondering what would the repercussions be if a stranger noticed you clicking him? Well, this app has a solution for that too…Send them the shot right away. And you are clear! 😉 Here’s a tip to turn your photographs into memories. Make them gift-worthy!

Since DSLR, Film, Mobile Cam (new gen mobiles) prints look almost similar (up to 4×6 inch), how about getting them printed, framed and wrapped. Sounds like a perfect gift, no? And Don’t run for likes! A worthy comment on your photograph or it is shared by an appreciator of your work values more than likes. Just explore different genres. Be a photographer, a Mobile Photographer with a passion to fetch love!

Download “Snapseed” from here.
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