The Instrument

Always wanted to create something relevant, something inspiring. And after days of relentless effort, finally could bring together pieces of the puzzle to present the big picture. Absolutely excited to share this 90 sec film “The Instrument” with all of you.

A campaign shoot for “Cipriano Music”, Mumbai.

Life.. is a beautiful creation. There is pain and then.. there is joy. There is darkness and ..there is light. There is loss and.. there is love. These, and many more such elements make this creation unique.
And to create you need an instrument.
It is the desire to achieve the impossible that enables us to go beyond and seek the unknown. It is the complexity of the instrument that simplifies the creation.
Our days are numbered but not our time. Our breaths can be counted but not what we do with them.
Music is infinite.
I chose to be an instrument of music.
I’m Auddie D’souza and I make guitars.

Feat. Auddie D’souza, Cipriano Music ( Mumbai )
Music: ‘Better Days’
Artwork: Mulham
Location Courtesy: Cipriano Music Workshop, Mumbai, India.
Story & Direction: Samiul Haque & Subinoy Das
Production: ‘Yellow Butterfly Films’ in association with CHHOBIGHAR®.

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