The Story of Chanderi

Chanderi is a vibrant town in a picturesque setting dotted with historical monuments that testify to its eventful medieval history and traditions. With its strategic location the town dominated the trade routes of Central India and became a strategic military outpost prized by ambitious rulers throughout the centuries.

Chanderi offers a window into a place that is deeply connected to its social, cultural, and natural environment. Hand-loom weaving is the primary occupation of the town’s residents. 3,500 families – around sixty per cent of the town’s population -make their living from the looms.

Built in the 17th century, the Raja & Rani Mahal Complex is located at the core of the town and is one of the important landmarks of Chanderi. INTACH has restored this historic structure as a pilot project for encouraging adaptive reuse of heritage buildings in the town. The complex is now being used by self help groups of weavers. The facility is used for training and design interventions, for financial and social development of the weavers.

The story of Chanderi is a fable of the exquisite fabric interwoven with its history, culture and architectural gems.

As I share my third documentary “The stories of Chanderi” with all of you, I’d like to thank the entire crew without whom this would remain as a figment of my imagination.

Here’s to experiencing Chanderi in a never-seen-before light. Cheers!


Cinematography, Direction: Subinoy Das
Screenplay & Editing: Subinoy Das & Anshu Ahuja
Art: Darshan Singh
Title Lettering: Sutirtha De
Background Score: Pete Lockett
Foley: Subinoy Das
Voice Over: Bhaveen Gossain
Recording: Studio Sound Planet
Equipment: DSLR camera on rent, New Delhi
Produced by: INTACH, New Delhi, India.
Intach Team: Bindu Manchanda, Anil Browne, Anshu Ahuja, Meenu Sharma & Pitamber.S.Rawat


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